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What kind of gift card products do you offer?

We offer instore gift cards, online e-gifting as well as access to 3rd party distribution so that you can sell your gift cards in other retailers.

What type of loyalty programs do you offer?

Currency and unit based rewards programs that when integrated to a POS system can reward right down to the department or sku level.  We offer multi-tiered rewards (VIP/Regular or Gold/Silver/Bronze) with reward multipliers based on campaigns for single or multi location businesses.  We offer promotional currency rewards in order to do triggered or time based offers to engage customers and drive behaviours.

What is your promotional currency?

Our promo rewards feature allows merchants to send time based offers to individuals or groups of individuals to incent them back at your business at preferred days and times. Our platform can be used to send promo’s to member or non-member databases in order to drive increased results.  All promo’s are time based so they can expire at whatever date and time you see fit.

What type of reporting do you offer?

We offer 3 tiers of reporting to support a “program”, “Business” and/or “location” in our platform.  In a franchise environment that would mean supporting the franchisor, then a franchisor with a group of franchises, then down to an individual store level.  All reporting can be pre-configured and automatically sent at set times to individuals inboxes.  Reports are available in Excel or PDF.

What type of controls will I have?

You can create user permissions based on reporting level.  You can set Clerk ID’s to have staff be required to input their employee ID’s for tracking.  You can set thresholds for earning, redeeming, transaction counts, and more.

How do I get current updates on the product?

Ackroo will send out updates via remote download through our partners, USB key or emailed files sent.  For major feature advancements an Ackroo client services manager will contact to discuss.

How long does it take to get setup?

If you already work with one of our current technology partners and have an Ackroo compatible POS then you can be setup and deployed immediately. Ackroo can provide same day internal setup and then set a future date for training and any card/collateral delivery.

Support Questions?

What type of support does Ackroo provide? Ackroo maintains a 99% platform uptime 24/7 and 365 days a year.  For merchant related problems Ackroo offers same day, next day or next week support based on service priority Monday to Friday between 8 am to 6 pm EST.

Check out our Online Help Desk to learn more.

Same Day Support

If your support issue is urgent, our Support Team will contact you within the same business day as your request. Examples of urgent issues are: inability to process transactions, errors in transactions being processed, network access, software installation troubleshooting, etc.

Next Day Support

If your support issue is timely but not urgent, our Support Team will contact you within the next business day of your request. Examples of next day issues are: Reporting issues, re-training on urgent items etc.

Next Week Support

If your support issue is not timely or urgent, our Support Team will contact you within the next 7 days of your request. Examples of next week issues are: Re-training on non-urgent items,  adjustments to settings, custom reporting or database and professional services, etc.

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