Developers Information

Integrate Ackroo into your business processes with the Ackroo Application Programming Interface (API).

An Ackroo API allows you to seamlessly integrate your Ackroo Gift Card and Loyalty program into every facet of your business.

Open up possibilities by using the Ackroo API to:

  • Integrate with a Point of Sale system, an e-commerce platform or a mobile app

  • Create a unique experience for your customers with a custom cardholder app

  • Incorporate your Gift Card and Loyalty program into social networks like Facebook and Twitter

  • Consolidate your reporting

We have many resources available to help developers get started with our RESTful API. No need to start from scratch, since we have developed sample applications in several languages to help get you going.

Visit our INTEGRATION RESOURCE CENTRE where you can find Integration Development Guide, an Ask-A-Developer Community Board and Use Case Resources for both Loyalty and Gift Card program integrations.

We also have extensive online documentation, and interactive testing tools to help you explore the API. Each developer gets a sandbox where you can play around to your heart’s content, using test cards and devices, without worry. And when it’s time to launch, The Ackroo Support Team will be ready to guide you through the final stages. Simply reach out to The Ackroo Support Team at

Click here to sign in to the Ackroo Developer Portal.