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Ackroo’s partner network consists of a diverse group of merchant service providers. We work with payment, technology and marketing partners in order to deliver better solutions and results for our mutual clients.  Whether you are looking to be a technology partner or a marketing partner or both Ackroo is eager to help us grow our businesses together.

What is an Ackroo Technology Partner?

Technology partners leverage Ackroo’s API’s to integrate our platforms together for a simple robust combined solution for our merchants.

What is an Ackroo Marketing Partner?

Marketing partners build commercial plans and agreements with Ackroo in order to acquire merchants together.  Marketing partners receive one time commissions on all accounts acquired and boarded onto the Ackroo platform.

What is an Ackroo Technology Marketing Partner?

Technology Marketing Partners not only support integration to each other’s platform we also build commercial plans together to grow our respective businesses.  Technology Marketing Partners receive one time commissions on all accounts acquired and on-boarded onto the Ackroo platform plus receive a revenue share on residuals collected by Ackroo to help fund the on-going technical support and development of our combined solutions.

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